A Small Interference | 2018 | Camera Operator

Set in the suburbs of London during the 1940s.  A sudden bereavement leaves Richard to deal with his father’s passing as he struggles to tell his mother, Anne, who is in the late stages of dementia.

Writers and Directors: Samuel Bird, Lili Limmer, Samuel Hart, Vittoria Agratti & Henry Brocklebank | Producers: Edson Ko, Emily Robinson, Daisy Ward and Summer Zhang | First Assistant Director: Surya Miranda | Second Assistant Director: Megan Bussey | Director of Photography: Izzy Petherbridge & Shaan Tulsiani | Camera Operators: Ben Keeling, Charis Mills & Matthew White | Lighting: Lorene Desportes & Aiden Shabka | Sound: Anna Göthe Lindström, Lora Cornes, Sam Harthill & Chris Causier | Production Designers: Lily Huang, Ellis Gardiner, Seb Chan, Ai He, Grace Pogonoski & Jinyu Qi | Editor: Hamza Pool, Atalay Ulusoy & Fleur Wilson | Colourist: Lorene Desportes | VFX: Edson Ko & Atalay Ulusoy