Bird of Prey | 2018 | Gaffer and First Assistant Camera

Tom, a retired wildlife photographer, lives alone in the outskirts of London.  Although working hard, life didn’t turn out they way he wanted.  On the night of his 45th Birthday he stood inside his lounge looking out across the street.  He notices a young woman, Tessa, at her bedroom window wearing nothing but a towel.  Tom quickly takes an indecent picture of her when Tessa notices the flash.  Feeling ashamed and guilty, Tom destroys the image.  Tom’s temptation to spy on Tessa causes him to witness an act of violence between Tessa and her husband (Grant).  Although, reporting this inccident would expose Tom’s preverted nature.

Writer and Director: Henry Hayward | Producer: Sofia Rivolta | Director of Photography: Balázs Weidner | Gaffer and First Assistant Camera: Charis Mills | Assistant Director: Bronte Yeldham | Sound Designer: Lora Cornes | Sound Recordists: Lora Cornes and Matthew Allsop | Production Designers: Anne Braatz and Fizza Hassan | Editor & VFX: Matthew Allsop