On A Roll | 2020 | Director of Photography and Colourist

Herbert, Herb for short, is a first year university student stoner learning how to roll an ordinary joint.  In the fear of being rejected by the other students down the hall he is encouraged to visit Grand Master Piff.  An ancient guru who lives in Chinatown.  Herbert needs to learn the way of the roll rather than be rejected by Kye, the leader of a friendship group he is so desperate to join.  On his journey of adversity the protagonist learns the art of self-respect and eventually dismisses Kye and the other ‘cool’ students down the hall, to share his newfound rolling skills with the neighbour he’s helplessly in love with.

Writer and Director: Ellis Gardiner | Producer: Megan Bussey | First Assistant Director: Surya Miranda Peixoto | Cinematographer: Charis Mills | First Assistant Camera: Grace Pogonoski | Second Assistant Camera: Natasha Zossimova | Gaffer: Xuemeng Li | Production Designer: Jinyu Qi | Costume Designer: Ai He | Construction Manager: Leonie Bodman | Art & Construction Team: Tzu Wen Hung, Xinge Hu, Lara Jensen, Finley Lucas and Brett Grant | Sound Designers: Finley Lane Mcelroy and Evan Lawday | Sound Recordists: Evan Lawday and Tom Bradshaw | Colourist: Charis Mills | Editor: George Bradley | Make-up and Hair: Iris Oshin